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Find information on our story, farm practices, products, and how it all works here!

About Us: Our Farm

How it all works



Our easy online ordering processes 10 days out to allow us to grow greens for you. 
Invoicing is also available as needed, just give us a call!
Single purchases and subscriptions are available. Subscriptions work on your terms: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and can be skipped or cancelled from your account in our online store.



You choose your pick-up or delivery preferences.  Delivery right to your door is free for orders over $20 and we have bundles and specials to help with this.  Pick-Up options include a local (Emmett) restaurant and On-Farm pick up.
Have friends, neighbors, coworkers, that are interested in ordering too? we can create a special pick-up option for groups. 



Delivery Day

Deliveries go out on Tuesdays usually between 9 am and 3 pm. If no one will be available to accept your delivery, just leave a cooler out.
Pick up at Newstead Market in Emmett is also on Tuesdays. They are open from 11am to 3 pm and offer the best fresh lunch options in our area. Give Ryan and Anna your name and let them know you are picking up. 


Know your farmer

We are always happy to chat with our customers and welcome you to our farm family! If you have any questions give us a call, text, or email. Need recipes, meal plan ideas, or tips on how to part out a whole bird? We help with that too! Check out our Recipes&Tips section for helpful information or join us on the socials. We welcome you to come out for a farm tour on Fridays or join us at our next event. We want you to participate as much as you'd like to and believe in transparency!


Our Story

The family behind the food at Rocking 5 S Farms

Howdy, We are Jennifer and Dustin Stevens and we run Rocking 5 S Farms: a small family Farm providing nutrient dense foods directly to consumers in our community. Dustin is a veteran of the United States Navy Seabees with a background in the skilled trades and Jennifer's background is in education and health. We are first-generation farmers, enjoying this adventure with our three sons, and building our farm operation from the ground up in Emmett, Idaho. 

We are passionate about health, being stewards of our land, and delicious food! We believe in food as a source of wellness, raising good human beings with practical life skills, and building strong relationships with our community. 

Farm Practices


Regenerative farming, in short, refers to farming practices that improve our environment. Regenerative farming aims to improve soil quality, sequester carbon, and increase biodiversity; as well as reduce inputs such as fertilizer and pesticides, increase yields, and reduce pests and pathogens. Techniques include rotational grazing, rotating crops, agroforestry, and no or low till practices. Regenerative farmers often use cover crops, ground cover such as mulch, and natural or organic pest and weed management. Regenerative farming is a multi-faceted approach to address common issues with modern agriculture.


The pasture raising process consists of mimicking an animal's natural tendencies by raising them on fresh grasses rather than in barns, cages, or lots. Animals are mobile in order to provide constant access to fresh forage, reduce contact with waste, and properly fertilize pastures. 


At Rocking 5 S Farms, we utilize a pasture-raised system.  Animals are moved daily to fresh grass in a system that improves pasture lands, builds soil, and keeps animals healthy. We aim for a closed system and implement permaculture techniques. This means we try to utilize any waste or by-product from one system to supplement another. For example; waste from winter animal bedding is used to make compost while soil and roots from spent microgreen trays are composted or recycled for the chickens to scratch through, further improving their diet and adding to soil stores on our farm.  We use natural and organic pest and weed management such as mulching, tarping, and hand-pulling. We plant trees and are developing silvopasture. We are always attempting to improve our regenerative practices to better care for our lands, water sources, and local ecology. 

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