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Behind the curtain part 4: The what, why, and how of Nutrient Density

Have you ever eaten a fresh, pasture-raised egg? If so, you may have noticed that they're yellower, richer, and thicker. And if they seem more nutritious, that's because they are.

A scientific study at Mother Earth News found that pasture-raised eggs are significantly more nutrient dense than commercial supermarket eggs. Pasture-raised eggs have:

● ⅓ less cholesterol and ¼ less saturated fat

● ⅔ more vitamin A

● 7 times more beta carotene

● 3 times more vitamin E

● 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids

This nutrient "upgrade" doesn't just apply to eggs, either. It applies to any food produced in healthy soil with clean, regenerative practices. Compared to commercially produced food, farms that use this magic combination consistently produce yields with higher nutrient densities, more Omega 3s, and improved Omega 3:6 ratios.

Nutrient-Dense Foods Definition

Nutrient-dense foods are generally defined as foods high in macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals while relatively low in calories. However, this doesn't mean they're "diet" or low-calorie foods.

They're wholesome foods grown in healthy soil, direct from planet earth.

Why Nutrient Density Is Important and How it Affects Your Health

Harvard scientists call Omega 3 fats "an essential contribution." They help prevent diseases like eczema, heart disease, arthritis, and stroke. They also have incredible benefits for your brain and mental health. They're critical in maintaining your brain's functioning and structural integrity. They also help stave off neurological issues that are age-related.

And wouldn't you know it? Factory-farmed food is chronically low in many nutrients, including Omega 3s. That's why scientists are frantically studying how food choices and nutrient deficiencies impact America's rapidly declining health.

Where You Can Find The Most Nutritious Foods + Nutrient Dense Foods Examples

You and your family deserve the healthiest, happiest, longest life possible. Maintaining a steady diet of nutrient-rich foods will help you experience these things. Luckily, you can find the most nutritious foods through local farms like ours.

Examples of nutrient-dense foods are:

● Dark green, leafy vegetables

● Grass-fed beef & Pasture Raised Chicken

● Whole grains

● Pasture-raised eggs

● Microgreens

We Deliver Nutritious Food To the Boise, Idaho Area

While nutrient-dense food provides improved health and longevity, you have to eat it regularly to get the benefits. If you're in the Boise area, we have an easy way for you to get started. Our popular egg subscription is cheaper than a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks and is much healthier!

Our store also offers microgreen subscriptions, whole-grain artisan bread, and clean, pasture-raised meats.

Even if you aren't shopping with us, we wish you and yours a happier, healthier, and more delicious life are here to help!

The Stevens Family @ Rocking 5 S farms

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