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Eating your vitamins has never been easier!

We have all been there... starting out with the best of intentions, and then a week later the decision fatigue associated with a new habit wins the battle. Sometimes, it's a produce-drawer full of aging veggies, or a promise to work out every day that turned into a mild mental suggestion. We get it and this is one of the conversations we often have with customers, "We love the microgreens, but we aren't sure what to do with them!" or "I know I should place an order; they are so good for us! I just don't know how we would use them!"

We hear you, and as someone who's promise to have a thriving veggie garden this year turned into a fleeting daydream, I've got the credentials for this one! After all, because of that giant garden debacle, at times this year microgreens were the only real veggies available for our meals. So, we got pretty good at using them and using them ALOT!

Here's the best part, you can literally "Put that s***t on everything" A lot more things than that particular hot sauce brand who may not like me using their taglines...

Here's some general ideas:



Literally, every one of our microgreen mixes goes well on eggs. It just depends on your taste! You can toss them on top of fried eggs, fold them in at the end of a scramble, or cook them right into a quiche. (We love to make mini quiche that are a super quick, grab and go breakfast) Squeeze them between the layers of a breakfast sandwich or tuck them into a blanketed breakfast burrito.

Have you ever tried a paleo breakfast salad?! Try this recipe and sub bacon grease and a few drops of maple sugar for the olive oil and top with microgreens. Trust me. Your life will literally be changed forever. & The potatoes are optional.


Mild green mixes suite this plan best. Try sunflowers, pea shoots, or a handful of our standard mild mix for a ton more nutrition than frozen spinach can offer in your morning smoothies. Optional mix ins include frozen or fresh fruits, nut butters, your favorite milk variety, and a clean protein of your choice (but a glass of whole raw milk is packed, if you ask me!) Some folks swear by a well-rounded smoothie in the morning and it sure is fast and convenient. Replacing whatever greens you would normally toss in the blender with microgreens, means less "green" taste, up t0 40X the antioxidants, and 5-9 X the vitamins and minerals. It's a win, win.


Keeping it simple with some avo-toast never tasted so good and an indulgent bagel smothered in cream cheese was never so darn good for you either! From a sprinkle to a handful, how much microgreens you layer on is completely up to you and can allow you to customize your flavors. Crunchy zesty radishes and leeks on top of an everything bagel? Yes, please. Nutty sunflowers on top of thick slices of avocado layered on a whole wheat slice of toast? What could be more simple and satisfying! Darn.. Now I wish I had an avocado!



I haven't met a sandwich yet that wasn't improved by microgreens. On a super busy delivery day, I have even grabbed a gas station sandwich and crammed it full of micros. Satisfying. You do what you got to do, right?! Chicken salad, egg salad, uncured pepperoni and pastrami. Tuna. Ham. Chicken breast, turkey breasts, and PB&J. Okay, maybe not PB&J. But you get the idea.


There are tons of delicious wrap ideas that can be customized by what you have on hand and your favorite flavors. When you are cramming delicious, shredded chicken, cheddar, ranch, and bacon in the folds on a spinach wrap, why waste space on empty romaine lettuce? Swap it for microgreens and feel your energy flow into the afternoon without needing an extra stop by the coffee pot. We love a good Mediterranean style wrap with julienned veggies (Carrots, onions, peppers, and tomatoes) smothered in humus and tucked next to microgreens and olives. Yum!

Meal Prep Friendly Grain Bowls.

One major suggestion we always have regarding lunches is to MEAL PREP! All this means is, you prepare something that holds up well in the fridge and potentially store it in serving size containers. Otherwise, it is easy to run out the door in the morning with "I'll figure it out later" in mind for your lunch plans. Even working on the farm for the whole day, stopping to prepare lunch can cost us our efficiency and spread a lunch break out for much longer than needed. I don't know about you, but I'd rather enjoy my lunch breaks eating and relaxing than searching for or preparing something to eat. There are lots of great meals that can be meal prep friendly and one great suggestion is grain bowls. Grain bowls can be customized with theme or flavor in mind or by solely what you have available in the fridge. Check out these recipes for a great base to add a handful of microgreens to and enjoy a super nutritious lunch that helps you feel your best!



Around here, we love a good hearty burger. They can be such a satisfying meal and feel Create your own incredible burger topping combinations and top it all off with a handful of microgreens. Zesty, nutty, or mild, any mix will work. Another major bonus to replacing a piece of lettuce with microgreens is notable when you take a bite of your burger and there isn't one huge piece of ketchup covered lettuce to accidently pull out and land on your favorite white shirt.


I'm pretty sure tacos are the most popular meal in the country. After all, not many other meals get an entire day devoted to them. (Taco Tuesday anyone?) And I get the obsession. In our house, we love tacos and use them as a go to meal when we haven't planned ahead. Keep it simple with ground beef, turn up the health factor with shredded chicken, or get indulgent with a crock pot full of carnitas. Microgreens are amazing an any form of taco and will bring loads of nutrition right to where the shredded lettuce didn't.


Yep, pizza. This is a customer favorite for microgreen uses actually! And we agree! Homemade pizzas or flat breads, take and bake pizzas, or that delivery pie you promised your kids if they actually got their chores and homework done this week. A sprinkle of microgreens will improve the nutrient density of any slice and help everyone at the table feel satisfied after a "closer to the serving size" helping.

Garnish, Garnish, Garnish

Even with all of those ideas, we probably didn't touch on 80 percent of the meals you enjoy. And that's great! Because our favorite use for microgreens allows us all to put on our imaginary fancy chef's hat and add a beautiful garnish to our dishes. Talk about elevating your meals! Except this garnish is actually one you WANT to eat instead of set on the side of your plate. Microgreen serving sizes are only about 1/4 of an ounce. By adding sprinkles here and there to your meals, it's easy to get that serving size in any day and still consume exponentially more nutrients than if you had pondered over steamed broccoli or roasted carrots. Not that I don't love roasted carrots!

We haven't met a savory meal yet that microgreens wouldn't work for. I'm talking casseroles, pastas, soups, stir-fry's, grain or potato sides, salads, and right on top of your chicken breast, steak, or pork chop. This is the easiest way to eat your greens without adding any extra steps or increasing to your decision fatigue. Now, that's a new habit that can stick and allow you to feel proud of exactly who you were when you placed that order and ate them all up.


Wishing you and yours a happier, healthier, and more delicious winter!

The Stevens Family at Rocking 5 S Farms

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