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How to bring a cozy, peaceful, togetherness to your dinner table every week.

There is just something about a roasted chicken dinner.. it's warm, cozy, simple but decadent. Something that says "nostalgia" and "gather 'round."

If you're like me, you may have grown up watching the TV moms of the 80s and 90s and totally idolized them. No, just me?

Come on, she always had great hair, looked killer in her mom jeans and Keds, and was the absolute GLUE of her tv family.

She served up amazing dishes and brought the whole family together.

When there was some awful impending catastrophe, Mom totally saved the day.

Am I imagining this trend of the past? Either way, I wanted to grow up to be JUST. LIKE. HER.

And then modern life, shifting cultures, and to-do lists jolted me awake.

We may not live in that TV fantasy world and we may fall a tad bit short of our idolized mom goals more often than we would like.

But we can still manifest her into being from time to time.

And when we do, darn does it feels good!

The smell fills the house and those dirty little hands wait impatiently at the table.. who are we kidding, they are underfoot in the kitchen. But once their tiny hineys fill their chairs there's excitement and anticipation. Everyone's eyes widen at the sight of a meal that looks as amazing as it smells. The entire family smiles through their meal and the tink tink of silverware is broken by bits of laughter rather than disgruntled sighs or negotiations of how much they have to eat before they can have (insert your kids favorite snack on hand here)

It sounds like a dream but it can be so very real.

That is what a simple roasted chicken dinner can do.

When the skin is beautifully crispy, the fragrant drippings fill the pan, and the meat is tender, juicy, and flavorful.

Once you realize the magic it holds, you may want to repeat it every week.

That's when a few good recipes with varying and exciting flavors come in hand.

So, the eyes are just as wide and the anticipation just as high every time you pull a beautiful roasted chicken dinner from the oven.

Here is a great lemon chicken option. Try blending the roasted garlic up with the drippings for a mind blowing flourless gravy that is so yummy on top of a side of potatoes or rice.

This recipe is a great flavorful Mediterranean option that requires less (or no) additional side preparation. We would enjoy this with a side of crusty bread, naan, or pita.

This Peruvian recipe features more bold flavors. We would opt for homemade mayo or replace it with sour cream and serve this with beans and warmed tortillas.

Then gather your little tribe around the table and breathe in the memories you are making. While you are at is bask in your supermom-dom. You deserve it.

Wishing you and yours happier, healthier, and more delicious meal times!

The Stevens Family at Rocking 5 S Farms

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