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Lost water, and wind storms, and heat waves.. oh my!

Life has been eventful for the last few days here at the farm.

The drastic change in weather has humans and animals working a little harder. The chickens decided their bucket waterers were not dripping fast enough for this warm weather and we spent a morning installing additional waterers to keep them cool and hydrated. The heat has made farm chores especially challenging this week and we have all decided that earlier mornings are a must! Rising before the sun is difficult but worth it when that means pulling weeds in 70 degrees rather than 97!

And last but not least... dust storms and wind storms have created a few extra chores for this week. Wind in Southwest Idaho is no joke! When the temperature changes drastically the wind does too. Branches and fences are knocked over, animals get loose, and the power goes out. Thank heaven for the folks at Idaho Power working day and night to get the power back on! It's an eventful life.. and worth every ounce of sweat!

We have big beautiful batches of delicious microgreens coming in and lots of wonderful customers feeding their families nutritious meals. Our first batch of meat chickens is happily enjoying life on the pasture and our second batch is getting cozy in the brooder. Meat chickens will be ready for pick up on July 17th! The garden is growing and the grasses are flowing! We are so grateful for this wonderful life and for all of your support for our small farm!

We hope you enjoy a life that is happier, healthier, and more delicious!

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