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What we are Eating this Week (A Meal Plan to Enjoy Super Nutritious Foods for a Busy Family)

Let's get right down to it!

We are a busy family; with multiple kiddos and extracurricular activities, a business to run, a farm to manage, and an off-farm job.

We know a lot of families are in these same shoes! Busy with modern life yet striving to eat healthily, nourish their bodies, and make choices that improve longevity. (And avoid arguments at the dinner table)

We have the most success with these goals when we do a little meal planning and prepare ahead of time, just a bit.

Our meals may not sound like "health" food. That's because we choose to eat REAL food that our family enjoys using a set of guidelines that help us feel confident in what we are ingesting.

These meals will change with the seasons and to match our shifting goals. Right now, its late winter so fresh veggies our limited and many of our meals are hearty and warming.

Let's start with our guidelines:

  1. All meats are produced locally from a source we can verify is free from chemicals and antibiotics. Using practices that improve the quality of the meat, lower inflammation, and provide higher nutrition and satiety. (All of our meat has been produced by our family or by Saint John's Organic farm)

  2. All meals contain a vegetable produced free from chemicals and in healthy soil (In this season we are eating LOTS of microgreens, that we know are working hard to replace the fresh veggies we enjoy during warmer seasons. Throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall we chose fruits and veggies from our garden or sources that use no or low till practices and do not use any yucky "-cides" or non-organic fertilizers.)

  3. The majority of our Baked goods and breads are produced locally using clean high-quality flour. (We purchase many of our breads from our partners at Newstead Market)

  4. We choose raw organic dairy whenever possible. (We source most of our dairy from Saint John's Organic farm)

  5. Most Items that cannot be purchased/produced locally are purchased from the cleanest source accessible to us and usually in bulk. (Try checking out Azure standard!)

  6. We include living foods (fermented) as often as possible.

  7. Balance, balance, balance. And don't sweat the small stuff. (Like that burger and milkshake that we treated the boys to after kicking butt at the spelling bee)

Now that you know how we choose ingredients. Here's a quick run-down of ...

What's on our meal plan this week!

  1. Roasted Chickens: I'll roast a couple chickens tonight. We will enjoy them with a carb like potatoes, rice, or bread and a microgreen salad. Then the leftovers will provide Meat for

Lunch: Southwest chicken burritos: made ahead and stored in the freezer for quick grab and go lunches.

2. Leftover Chicken remixed into Greenbean Chicken casserole made with cultured sour cream rather than a can of "cream of..."

3. Lentil Soup and warm crusty bread (Topped with micros for a healthy dose of greens)

4. Air fryer Fish & Chips and... you guessed it! Microgreen Salads.

5. Homemade Pizzas with uncurred pepperoni.

6. Instant Pot Beef Pot Roast with carrots and potatoes. (Leftover roast will become next week's freezer lunch: Red beef Burritos)

7. Leftovers or Roasted Chickens using a different flavor profile. (Once again, leftovers will be remixed to start off next week's meal plan!)

What's for dinner at your house this week?

Wishing you a happier, healthier, and more delicious stress-free week of homecooked meals!

The Stevens Family @ Rocking 5 S Farms

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