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Why your efforts to combat weight gain, skin problems, depression and more, aren't working!

It's a story you hear all the time.

It has been my story and it might be yours too.

Unexplained symptoms that just don't seem to get much better, no matter how much you apply common sense, traditional wisdom, or your doctor's orders.

The list of symptoms is so long that we will barely touch on them here, but they can include:

Weight gain/stubborn fat

Unsightly hair growth/Hair Loss

Acne, Discolored or dry skin, puffy or rounded face

Sleep disorders/extreme fatigue

Irregular or painful periods, endometriosis, PCOS

Depression, anxiety, and mood swings

Loss of libido and damage to intimacy

Muscle weakness, aches, tenderness, or stiffness

Sweating and increased sensitivity to heat or cold

Frequent urination, increased thirst & hunger


Plus a host of illnesses caused by inflammation like: heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and some types of cancers.

What do all of these symptoms and illnesses have in common?

They can be caused by HORMONE IMBALANCES.

The good news?

That means we have the power to relieve our symptoms and even heal ourselves.

Where to start

Blood work can help find these imbalances and direct your efforts toward balance and health. For many people working with a medical professional who specializes in hormone balances or a naturpath is the best bet. But they are many things we can do completely on our own too.

The foundational natural ways to balance your hormones

Eating plenty of proteins (with healthy amino acid profiles)

Getting regular exercise ( For many individuals low stress exercise like walking or yoga is best for every day. Add strength training or HIT in moderation. )

Reduce or eliminate processed foods, or foods high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats and increase fiber

Improve gut health with living/fermented foods and restricting alcohol

Regular adequate sleep (That's 8/9 hours for many of us!)

Increase healthy fat intake

Next steps

Avoid endocrine disruptors: chemicals that mimic or disrupt hormones.

These are chemicals such as BPA, Phalates, and fragrances often found in plastics, cleaning and hygiene products, and household items like electronics & furniture & baby products. Another major source of endocrine disruptors is found in the pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that come in contact with conventionally produced foods.

Increase adaptogens: natural plants, foods, herbs, and mushrooms that help the body respond to stress healthily, return the body to homeostasis, and are non-toxic.

Potent adaptogens are:



Licorice root






Lions mane

And reishi

Our efforts to make these changes toward health is what led us to our farm and to the specific products that we raise. There is still plenty of room to improve in our life and we hope you join us!

Wishing you and yours happier, healthier, more delicious balance in your life!

The Stevens Family at Rocking 5 S Farms

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